Out with a whimper…

Posted on June 8th, 2016

Hey all (?), we’re still kicking! But not doing any of this stuff anymore. If you want to see what we’re up to these days, check out Turtle Paradise Scanlations (currently having database problems, hur hur hur) for your manga fix. Knew that scanning obsession would come in handy one day! But no worries, I’ve gotten a hell of a lot better at processing images since 2007 or 2008 or whenever the hell I last updated.

Desert Moon started out mostly as a testing ground for me to practice web programming. It’s not perfect, but I had fun and learned a lot about php. In that regard, the site fulfilled its purpose. Since then, I’ve had people have emailing to let me know they’re still using the site, so we’ll be keeping the content online for as long as we can. No harm in that, right? The rest of this place will remain as it is: a testament to bad web design and janky comment sections. Not much time these days to make things pretty anymore!

Adulting sucks, you guys. Stay kids forever. So long!

Oh wow, this is just insane!

Posted on December 7th, 2008

Looks like Desertmoon.org and Dreamhost have gotten into a lover’s spat and we got kicked out of the apartment. Lucky for us, we ran into some guy who wanted roommates (no, he the room wasn’t on Baker St, morons) and we’re moving in right now. Mostly everything settled into the new apartment, but CCS and some other screencaps are taking longer than expected. Regardless, we decided to have a house party before we finished, but those guys should be showing up later tonight. It’ll be swell, honest!

Enough of the babble. There were some issues with the old news script, so we went ahead and just installed a new one. Cutenews does nothing more than attract spam, and their comment moderation is crappy anyway. If I handled this right, everything should look nearly identical (well, the comments look a lot nicer anyway- not that anyone comments here ANYWAY), and I’ve duplicated all the posts. Sadly, the comments and users weren’t salvageable; don’t ask me how, but they won’t even show up in the old news posts. Well, s’alright!

In any case, enjoy the new server, and don’t hesitate to hand out some feedback! We want to know all of the issues you have with your visit here, and we’re definitely interested in how the speed compares from the previous server to this one! And remember, comment here if you find any broken links or if there’s any mismatched screencaps, anything like that.


Status report!

Posted on November 11th, 2008

Ehhh… fuggedaboudit

Comments disabled

Posted on January 24th, 2008

Commenting is currently disabled on all posts due to an attempted breach of the news system that has taken place over the past couple of days. I’ll try to fix it this weekend, then everything will be A-OK again!

Lucky☆Star at 100% completion

Posted on January 19th, 2008

You heard it here first, folks – Lucky☆Star has been completely screencapped. Go on ‘n hit ’em like a sack of bricks.
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More screencaps!? NO WAIIII

Posted on October 20th, 2007

I missed you guys. I missed you guys so much that I updated the Kanon screencaps with episodes four through six.

Now aren’t you glad you know me?

Wait, who were you again?

Posted on October 13th, 2007

Melly’s been bugging me to post updates when I actually, y’know, update for quite a while now. So, here’s my update! First things first, though; in case you were wondering, I’m Reb. I handle most of the screencaps around here. Betcha already knew that, though.

Anywho, episodes 9 through 12 of Air Gear (DVD ver.) have been added to the screencaps section. Go browse, have fun, download it whydoncha, etc.

Also, Orihara-sensei is hot.

Kanon Visual Memories

Posted on September 11th, 2007

The scans section has finally been updated with the Kanon Visual Memories fanbook. Unlike the Wild ARMs scans, these are high quality and, well, kind of nice. My back hurts from all that scanning. Yeah… Anyway, you can find the section link here. Please enjoy! If you wish to pass the links around, please link to the site rather than any of the contained files. I don’t want to have to disable hotlinking. That’s a pain for everyone, myself included.

Over and out! WHOO!

Layout change? You must be joking.

Posted on August 29th, 2007

I’m showing my true character again by neglecting any updates of substance. Epic fail, right here! What I do have today isa revamp of the screencap directory. Once a boring column of text links; Now an exciting mashup of statistics and thumnails! Well, I exaggerate, but it’s the least you could do to act… slightly intrigued. The previous arrangement was admitedly unhelpful, so each episode now has a thumbnail screencap from the episode, as well as a total number of screencaps. It’s possible that the numbers may be somewhat innacurate, as they were taken from old data, but the main purpose is for a ballpark estimate, so no harm.

Regardless, this is a new feature, so it willl be tweaked from time to time as we come up with new ideas. If anyone out there has any ideas for things to improve on or add to the site, please feel free to drop a line!

And that’s it for today! In terms of current prjects, Reb is working on capping Lucky Star, while I’m scanning Kanon’s Visual Memories. By the way, those Air Gear caps? Reb’s capped, but still hasn’t weeded. Slacker.

Some much needed updates

Posted on May 20th, 2007

Apologies for the lack of updates to the, er, updates! Things have actually been added recently, but no one’s gotten around to posting them. Aheh. We’ve got two series that have been updated from broadcast quality to DVD quality, with another on the way. Both Negima!? and Kanon ’06 (which was updated quite a while ago, sadly) have been updated, with an Air Gear update coming soon. We’ve also updated the game CGs with Caramel-Box’s Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic (終末少女幻想アリスマチック) and Unisonshift’s Peace@Pieces, (illustrated by Noizi Ito, who’s contributed to many high-profile series, including the Shakugan no Shana and the Suzumiya Haruhi novels.

So now that we’ve covered content, it’s time for the technicals! We’ve finally changed our news program from PHPnews (which SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS) to CuteNews, which works out much better for everyone. No more spamblocks, AND you can use smilies! From what I can tell, though, HTML is still disabled. If anyone feels like donating or making some smilies for us, drop a line! More smilies is always spectacularly awesome. However, all comments that we had previously have been lost. I’m sorry, everyone ;_;

In other news, yes, I am still working on a way to make the game CG section a little easier to navigate. So far, the best I’ve got are banners. Ah, I’m trying?