Layout change? You must be joking.

I’m showing my true character again by neglecting any updates of substance. Epic fail, right here! What I do have today isa revamp of the screencap directory. Once a boring column of text links; Now an exciting mashup of statistics and thumnails! Well, I exaggerate, but it’s the least you could do to act… slightly intrigued. The previous arrangement was admitedly unhelpful, so each episode now has a thumbnail screencap from the episode, as well as a total number of screencaps. It’s possible that the numbers may be somewhat innacurate, as they were taken from old data, but the main purpose is for a ballpark estimate, so no harm.

Regardless, this is a new feature, so it willl be tweaked from time to time as we come up with new ideas. If anyone out there has any ideas for things to improve on or add to the site, please feel free to drop a line!

And that’s it for today! In terms of current prjects, Reb is working on capping Lucky Star, while I’m scanning Kanon’s Visual Memories. By the way, those Air Gear caps? Reb’s capped, but still hasn’t weeded. Slacker.

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