So, About

On the Menu is a media resource site focused on Japanese animation (anime), video games, and artbook scans. New content is added semi-frequently, and is featured as both galleries and archived files. Everything is free of charge (hence the tongue in cheek main subtitle), and new content is added on a semi-regular basis, although additions have recently slowed down due to unforseen circumstances, but once said circumstances are resolved, submissions are expected to increase to a normal rate.

What You Won't Find Here

As we try to keep this site as legit as possible, copyrighted and readily available items will not at any point be offered for download. This includes, but is not limited to, anime episodes, domestic soundtracks, or other licensed media. Any requests for the aformentioned material might result in an angry email from us. What, you expected us to ban your IP?

And Now, the History. started out with the last thing a site should get- a domain name. At that point, the two creators of the site (hereafter referred to as "Melfra" and "Rebmastu") had just decided to combine their two mismatched creations into one oversized site, featuring, for the most part, an oversized gallery and equally overcompensating information section. Of course, with a pair of sites so different, it was obvious that a simple mashup of names wasn't going to convey any coherent meaning, so, being the pair of procrastinators they were, the two sat down to play video games, and that's where Grandia comes in. To make a long story short, the name "Desert Moon" was assigned to a certain squad ingame, and, since it sounded cool, the name stuck. Hey, it's not like they were going to find any kind of decent name anyway. is run by two poor college students who really can't afford any lawsuits, so if you own the copyright to any items on the following pages and would like them removed, please contact Melfra and she will remove said items immediately. All donations are for server cost only.