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We like giving free stuff for visitors to drool over, and that's why we shell out mega bucks to keep everything running smoothly. Even so, we've got our own bills to pay, and the server's cost doesn't help matters much. That's where you guys come in. We're not asking for a lot of cash- spare change is fine, man. Trust us when we say that neither Reb nor Melfra have access to a single penny- Dreamhost makes sure of that. But we know you don't have to give us anything, so that's why we've got a little additional incentive. If you donate here, you get access to limited-time bonus material. Stuff we can't host for long periods of time, like CDs and exclusive scans. is run by two poor college students who really can't afford any lawsuits, so if you own the copyright to any items on the following pages and would like them removed, please contact Melfra and she will remove said items immediately. All donations are for server cost only.