The Creators

Obviously, creators is plural. Really now, who could make something like this on their own unless they had no life? For the record, I have a life, regardless of what anyone else says.

Rebmastu, the Procrastinator

Real Name: Withheld
Age: 20
Profession: Slacker
Duties: Screencaps, misc duties
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Rebmastu was originally in charge of the informative sections of the site, and "informative", they were. However, her summaries, character guides, and analyses were doomed to a history of misery, as every time they were completed, some bizarre disaster would wipe every text file she had worked on. As her title, The Procrastinator, suggests, she would always put off uploading them until she absolutely had to- which generally meant that they were never put up at all. Eventually, she decided that it would be fun to try to cap Cardcaptor Sakura. Ironically, she decided it was fun, so now we have a lot of screencaps. Huh. Funny.

Melfra, the Administrator

Real Name: Melissa
Age: 20
Profession: Clean-up artist
Alignment: Neutral

Ha! That's me, Melfra, the administrator! Although it would seem that Rebmastu is the one in charge of most content on the site, Melfra was originally the biggest consistent contributor, being in charge of the massive image galleries that you can find hotlinked on Xangas and Myspaces all over the 'net. Following Rebmastu's grand plan of 100% original content, Melfra decided to take down the image galleries (which were 0% original content) in order to focus on other parts of the site. Sadly, things worked out so she was taking care of everything on the site, so that leaves a very small amount of time for adding more stuff. Hey, that Evangelion artbook will have to wait a little while longer before it's up.

Crisu Skeer, the Wise

Real Name: Harry
Age: 22
Profession: Advisor
Special attack: Halcyon JUSTICE!!!!

I met Crisu on LiveJournal as one of the first of many people who would contact me because they liked Rebmastu's Cardcaptor Sakura screencaps. However, Crisu is an exceptionally awesome guy who I go to when I'm not sure if some aspect of the site sucks are not, and, since he usually tells it to me straight, I value his opinion more than most. Ha! I said it! is run by two poor college students who really can't afford any lawsuits, so if you own the copyright to any items on the following pages and would like them removed, please contact Melfra and she will remove said items immediately. All donations are for server cost only.